Dr. Mary Ruth McDonald- University of Guelph, Department of Plant in partnership with Agriculture & Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon

Ontario Crops Research Centre – Winchester, University of Guelph
Researchers: Dr. Josh Nasielski, Meghan Moran Technicians: Ian DeSchiffart, Holly Byker

2021 Relay/Intercropping Winter Canola and Soybeans

Dr. Eric Page at Ag Canada’s Harrow research station has proposed a research project on relay/intercropping winter canola and soybeans with the first planting of winter canola in fall 2021. The Ontario Canola Growers Association is keen to support this project and looking forward to working with Dr. Page on this interesting project. 

2021 Swede Midge Management Research Trials

Dr. Rebecca Hallett and her team at the University of Guelph continue their work on the establishment of thresholds for the treatment of swede midge as well the effectiveness of approved treatments.

Pheromone-based Technologies for Swede Midge Management
In 2014 two wasp species (Gastrancistrus sp. and Inostemma sp.) were observed at several locations in Saskatchewan parasitising swede midge larvae within canola flower buds. More recently, another parasitic wasp species capable of parasitising swede midge was found in Quebec. Increased populations of these wasps have reduced swede midge populations throughout Ontario.

OCCA is currently supporting a research project on the conservation of parasitoid wasps to reduce swede midge populations, through the use of alternate biological control agents.

Clubroot Management Research

Recent research has shown that some biocontrol fungi that kill insects can colonize plants and stimulate host defences. Other opportunities for control include a new mustard meal (TerraMG) formulation that has been effective on clubroot in initial trials. And some rotation crops, such as daikon radish and wheat, that may reduce resting spores in soil.

With support from the Ontario Canola Growers Association, Dr. Mary Ruth MacDonald will be the Principal Investigator for a clubroot Ontario AgriFood Research Initiative (OAFRI) project that will evaluate these novel approaches to protect canola from clubroot and at the same time control insect pests, including thrips and flea beetles.

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